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Climb baby, Climb

Posted by
meisje (Zaventem, Belgium) on 30 May 2008 in People & Portrait.

This is Benjamin, fondly known as Bennie or BenBen by yours truly. Just thinking of this boy brings swirls of emotions and memories through my mind. We met at a concert, he was shorter than me and had ductape plastered all over his headphones. This was back in the days of walkman, and he had the newest Celldweller CD playing. He had this docile but not vacant composure and soft full lips, I was hooked. We dated for two months, during which he sprouted fast and furious and soon thankfully shot past me in height. We were far from compatible, he was dependent and meek, and I was on a mission for bigger and better things than holding hands and cuddling in the back row of the movie theatre.
We went through all the rigamarole of breaking up and going to school with each other, only to find out that we shared a sort of connection. When it comes to math equations, or even general knowledge Bennie tends to lack social class, but he would have these rare moments of lucidity, in which he would share deep insights into who I am and what exactly makes me tick, and has also been the only successful human being in telling me to "snap out of it" sometimes.
We haven't talked since November when I made a surprise trip back to Canada. He has the tendency to drop off the radar more than occasionally, and then big sister instinct in me riles it's controlling head.
Last week I was in yet another late tuesday night meeting, and my thoughts drifted back to Bennie. I started scribbling him a letter, and as soon as I got home I dug through my files and found his home address.
I treasure this boy and his many oddities with great pride, and I will finish the letter and mail it to him in hopes that it will reach him.